What are the benefits of Coding Competitions?

  1. Enhance problem-solving skills
  2. Gain good motivation for software engineering fields
  3. Good brain excercise
  4. Gain coding interview skills for internship or job
  5. Gain Award

  The Coding Competions for Youth Students(6th-12th graders)

  1. ACSL(America Computer Science League) :
  2. USACO(USA Computing Olympiad) :
  3. Congressional App Challenge :

  Through Soon Coding Academy, many stduents got the award from ACSL/USACO competitions.
  To check an award for ACSL, click award2021_2022,    award2022_2023
  In 2023, 7 students passed bronze in USACO and 3 students got an award in 2022-2023 ACSL Final contest.
  And also, a lot of students got an individul award in the ACSL regular contests.
  We got ACSL team awards more than two years.

  Current Available Classes for ACSL/USACO


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